Pao & Jordan // 'Sometimes you just know.'

[ Part One ]


Jordan and Pao make me smile.

Maybe it’s how infectiously happy and positive they both are; not just with each other, but with every interaction they have with the people around them; the friendly gestures to passersby as we trek our way through the narrow paths of the forest floor, or how excitedly they discuss their future plans and where in the world they might settle when they are ready to start a family.

Pao describes these idyllic little towns in Mexico, where Pao grew up, and how they might retire to one of these someday…and in the next breath, it’s enthusiastically talking about Barcelona and how vibrant and lively it might be to live there for a few years - it’s impossible not to smile listening to two people at the beginning of a long, exciting journey ahead of them.

One blog post was never going to be enough for the time I spent with Jordan and Pao, so I’ve told their story over three. Over the following two posts, Jordan shares more of their story, which I hope you love as much as I did capturing it.