I enjoy telling different kinds of stories...some are soft, emotional and dialogue driven, while others are like crazy parties cut to an upbeat track. I want you to look back at these memories and see a reflection of who you are in every frame...not literally, but the essence of who you are as people.

Travelling the world and meeting new people is what I love most about this job. I had never been on a plane before my 18th birthday, and now, as a husband and father to three girls, I love having the opportunity to pack up our bags and teddy bears and bring my family with me (when school holidays allow).

Working quietly, unobtrusively and with minimal gear, I focus on capturing moments as they unfold. I work with a very limited number of couples each year, which gives me more time with those who book.

If you have a few moments, here are some words from the couples who have trusted me to create something special for them.

Thank you for checking out my work,
Michael / Film-maker at Story of Eve

In the past year, I have also worked on some really exciting projects with musicians and fashion brands including, NIKE, Lifestyle Sports The Coronas, The Script, JP Cooper, Gavin James and Hozier. If you fancy a look, check out Behind The Fold.



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