about story of eve

What excites me is telling different kinds of stories...it's probably what makes my work so different - some are soft, emotional and dialogue driven, others are like crazy parties cut to an upbeat track.

I want you to watch your film and see the both of you in every frame...not literally, but the essence of who you are as people.

Traveling and meeting new people is the absolute best part of this job! As a husband and father to three girls, I love packing up our bags and teddy bears and bringing my family with me on these unforgettable adventures (when school holidays allow).

Working in weddings started as an unexpected surprise six years ago after being asked to film a friend's wedding. At the time, I was running my own graphic design studio and never thought this one wedding would be the start of an exciting journey that would take me all over the world documenting weddings.

I like to film in a documentary style, quiet and unobtrusive focusing on capturing moments as they unfold. Working with a very limited number of couples each year, this gives me more time with you...the couple.

If you've a few moments, here are some words from the couples who have trusted me to create something special for them.

Thanks for checking out my work,
Michael / Film-maker at Story of Eve

If this job wasn't cool enough, in the past year, I have worked on some really exciting projects with musicians and bands including, The Coronas, The Script, JP Cooper, Gavin James and Hozier. If you fancy a look, check out Behind The Fold.