about story of eve

Michael Toman is an Ireland-based filmmaker whose passion is in capturing emotional stories - stories with love, melancholy, happiness and joy - heartfelt stories that genuinely mean something. Stories that make your belly ache with laughter and puffy-eyed teary faces of joy...and stories that you will still want to watch and share with the people who matter to you many years from now.

Michael started Story of Eve six years ago after working as a Graphic Designer for 10 years. While he is still very passionate about design and illustration and continues to lecture in these subjects, it was a much needed escape from the commercial world of advertising and marketing that attracted Michael to weddings. 

He enjoys capturing the natural relationships between people and there is no better example of this than at a wedding! Filming in a documentary style, Michael is quiet and unobtrusive. His approach is very relaxed and natural, focusing on capturing moments as they unfold.

When you book your wedding with Story of Eve we like to take time to get to know you, your love, your story and your unique style. Everyone is different and your personality should shine through. We book a very limited number of weddings each year, which allows us to get to know our couples a little bit better and give them more time and attention.

Born and raised in the countryside, Michael is very much inspired by natural locations and outdoor settings. Michael loves working with couples who aren’t afraid to just go for it, trusting him to make their film amazing – rain or shine.

Michael is the cinematographer at Story of Eve and is happily married to Aisling and Daddy to Caitlin, Emma and little Evie.
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