Not only should you absolutely have a wedding film, but you should have a beautiful wedding film!

It is such a gift to be able to relive that day through film, as it all goes by so fast. When you get to watch those memories through music and movement you feel as though you are there again and it’s so powerful.

Michael is a master of his craft and I highly recommend him not only for the beautiful work he creates but because you will feel you have a friend with you on your wedding day. All of this culminates into the most beautiful result. Choosing Story of Eve is one of the best decisions we made when it came to our wedding.
— Alex & Claudia
We just opened a very special vintage champagne to watch our wedding video!! Oh, we are speechless, it is beyond words what we want to say right now! It is a true video that captures every moment of our very special day: it is breathtaking!! We laughed and cried our way through the film - and we watched it four times back to back!!! It is truly beautiful, it is stunning!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are speechless!! We never thought we would have such a video, thank you for all your passion, time and effort in making this video of our wedding! We are ever so grateful! You are so talented at capturing moments!!

Thank you so so so much for everything, it has been an amazing journey and we couldn’t have asked for nicer people to be apart of it!
— Deirdre & Alan
Michael you really are a true professional, your unobtrusive style was so natural, you became just like one of our guests. Our wedding day was amazing and captured wonderfully by Story of Eve for us to relive our special day many times.

Our preview and film are fantastic and have been watched and shared with so many friends and family already, and will continue to be watched for years to come. When I think of the many times we have sat on the living room floor in our grandparents home looking through old wedding albums, we now look forward to having our children watch this amazing footage with us in the years to come!! As further testimony for Story of Eve, my sister who is getting married has already booked Story of Eve for her day. What more can we say!!!!
— Max & MJ xoxo
I can’t thank Story of Eve (Michael) enough for his time and talent on the day. Video has a great power to bring you right back to that special moment.

If you choose the right cinematographer, you will never regret it, having a wedding film that you’ll enjoy sharing with everyone who couldn’t be there on your special day with you as well as everyone who could. It really is like the gift that keeps on giving - the happiest day of your life captured on film forever.
— Shane & Fiona
Tears…tears and more tears! Woah Michael THANK YOU!
Just watched twice…it’s outstanding! Truly outstanding! We laughed and cried. The song is beautiful! Like – amazing I have goosebumps! Love the snippets of all our happy guests! Away for viewing number three! You captured it beautifully. Over the moon…
— Harry & Julie
We cannot thank you enough for two amazing films and your professionalism throughout – I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know getting married!!!! Just overwhelmed at what you have produced, something we can treasure forever!!!
— Aine & Marc
I don’t know where to begin.
I will try to not gush too hard. I have very big dreams for you. Your eye and your talent is insane!
The details and care that you have behind that lens explodes with emotion and illustrates your desire to make the world more beautiful that it is.

I am exhilarated that you were so kind and engaged in making this film for us that we will have forever. When we are old and ugly it will continue to jerk tears from our eyes. It’s simply amazing.
— Mary & Eric
To be honest I was reluctant to get a cinematographer at first - I barely like being in photographs, let alone have someone filming me for the day, but Ivano convinced me and boy was I glad! Michael was an absolute dream - he was so professional, kind and inconspicuous - we barely knew he was there! He captured every single moment of our day and edited it to perfection.

It was great to see parts of the day that we missed, like Ivano having a pint in the pub before the Church or seeing him sweat waiting for me to arrive….and of course my niece running back down the ailse...priceless! We are so lucky to be able to relive it and to show our kids one day. I know people always say, it goes by so fast and try and take in as much as you can – of course, we did this but being able to see it through everyone else’s eyes is fantastic.
— Ivano & Sophie