So come and walk awhile with me and share the twisting trails and wondrous worlds I’ve known.
— Shel Silverstein

Outdoors locations and wild settings are my absolute favourite backdrops to film in. I love the feeling of shooting in places that have an unpredictability about them. The ever changing light in a forest or the uncontrollable wind at the top of a mountain.  This short film provided all of that and more...

I'm sure a lot of people would dread the thought of working alongside their siblings, however, there is a freedom that comes with working with those you are closest to. The ability to be truly honest and creative in your work, while not being afraid to fail out of pride creates a strong dynamic that can be more difficult to achieve with a stranger. Working with my talented sister Paula O'Hara Photography on this shoot made the whole process so much more relaxed. Alise Taggart done an incredible job styling, but what made this even more special was that Conor and Alise were our couple in front of the camera as well, so it really just felt like heading off on an adventure with our friends and hanging out for a few days.

Even in July the Irish weather is very unpredictable although we probably didn't expect the full range we encountered - rain, fog, bright sunshine and cloud all made an appearance, and we finished the evening cooking the freshly caught fish on a campfire set against a fresh starry night.

To see the full photoshoot, I highly recommend heading over to Paula's website to see all the photos.