“We created a shoot about simplicity, probity and calm, the girl unveiling her natural, relaxed, and unpretentious beauty to a condition of holiness. Her hermitage is deep in the mountains, a life lived true and a celebration of nature – the girl is a living sermon. The book she clutches surely contain the words of wisdom and no doubt the honeysuckle wine is a labour of love. Wildflowers and grasses enliven the brown tones of the stoney hills – the girl with the brown hair is a lapidarian – envisioning her life inscribed in these monuments of mountain and stone." Pearl & Godiva

Pearl & Godiva and Rylee Hitchner were always going to make for an amazing outcome. The whole team had such an amazing time working together on this - we shot from the rising sun in the morning until we reluctantly packed up as the moon appeared over our heads in the evening.
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