Our favourite moment was a private one in the vintage Mercedes, just the two of us realising that we are now married, and driving off in a convoy honking all the way to the vineyard for the celebratory drinks. It carried such a sense of celebrations and excitement to the journey - the convoy itself, but also our lives ahead together.
— Pamela

Stepping off the plane in Switzerland, I was instantly blown away by the spectacular landscapes. Coming from Ireland, I am used to stunning lakes and mountains, but I don't think I was prepared by the sheer scale and beauty of the mountains. And they almost played a part in Pamela and Louis's wedding, like another character from the day that appeared in every scene.

It is always a pleasure filming alongside Christina Brosnan of Brosnan Photographic, but even more so having a familiar face when you're over in another country shooting. Christina was also our navigator on this trip, which was even better as I got to sit back and soak up the landscapes (sorry Christina)!

What can I say about Pamela and Louis's wedding?? It really was an unforgettable experience. They are genuinely warm, caring and welcoming people - beautiful inside and out, which is reflected in their chosen professions as doctors. On the Friday I arrived, I went to a wine-tasting evening with Pamela and Louis and their guests, and again after the wedding, I was honoured to be invited to their celebration BBQ dinner after the wedding day. There were tons of highlights from this wedding, not to mention an incredible amount of style and class, but I'll let Pamela say a few words more about it...

The Proposal //
There were a few proposals, and I said yes! Everytime ;-) From our first encounter in London 10 years ago, to a trip to Petra the ancient city in Jordan where we fell in love, to a few years of traveling around the world from almost every European country, to Asia - Hong Kong & Japan, to Central America - Guatemala and Belize,  and Africa - South Africa, every continent we stepped foot on was another chapter of our story, and our love built on the miles traveled together - it all created a sense of journey of a lifetime with each other. It seemed one proposal, wasn't quite enough!

The Dress //
The dream dress, from the king of all bridal gown by Oscar de la Renta! A classic shape at the front with heavily beaded lace and ribbons with a twist of a blue organza silk train. From early on, I knew I wanted something a bit different from the classic bridal gown, perhaps with colour. At the beginning of the search, I tried on all sorts of dresses, big puffy ones, lace, crepe, satin, silk, heavily beaded gowns... and felt like a bride, but not myself. The dress, I found in the end, was just perfect for me - classic with a twist! It was so heavy that I changed to the Laelia gown by Temperley London for the evening. It was such a treat, because before the Oscar came along, the Temperley dress was my first choice of wedding gown. I was so lucky to have both of them ;-)

The Vendors //
Hours on wedding blogs, magazines and Pinterest! I looked back with such fond memories of the period of preparations and even Louis enjoyed his search of suits and tuxedos. We took a couple of weekend trips to Bordeaux to source the wine for the wedding, and also to the Champagne region in Reims, where we drove back with a car full of champagne and nothing else! We learnt much about wine and champagne, so it was a process of us growing up to finer things in life ;-) as well as preparing for our wedding. The lead up was months, but the wedding is just one day and it goes by so very quickly, so make sure you enjoy the wedding preparations!

Last thoughts //
Wedding cinematography, do it! Perhaps, the Oscar de la Renta was far too expensive for one day, even the most special of all; at least my husband tells me that every time he opens the wardrobe and see this stunning creation fit for a Princess/Queen/Hollywood movie star! It felt right at the time. It was a 'Wow' moment as I walked down the aisle, even if nerve stricken and just about held up by my father! The blue Oscar was unforgettable for me, the groom, and all of our guests. For sales now!

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