How did your ‘story’ begin? Tell us a bit about you both and how you arrived at this special day.

Lola is from Mexico and Ryan is English. We met nine years ago when we were both studying at university in England, but we were not together until three years later.  Although becoming a couple was overdue, once it happened, it was very clear that we would stay together. We always discussed ideas of getting married and the details of how we wanted the day to be. We were certain that we wanted a small wedding abroad and over time we came to the conclusion that Ireland was the right place to do it (having said that, we made the decision despite neither of us having ever been there before!)...

How did you go about planning your day, especially from another country?

We had to look at things carefully because our headcount was only twenty. We chose a venue after extensive trawling of the Internet. Once this was decided, we planned everything around it. Our first visit to Clonwilliam House was just to confirm in person that it was as beautiful as it looked in the pictures, and it was. It is a very warm yet elegant place, and it was ideal for our intimate wedding.

Once the venue had been decided upon, we looked into nearby churches and we chose St Patrick’s for its simple stone and wood interior. Driving from the Vale of Avoca towards Curtlestown through the Wicklow Mountains was breathtaking. It was obvious that this would be the perfect route to follow between church and venue on the day.

With these two essentials in place, it became a question of finding the various suppliers. Clonwilliam House was incredibly helpful. They had excellent suggestions for everything and helped us overcome any hurdles that we came across. 

Putting it all together required an extraordinary number of e-mails, Skype calls and also a couple of visits to meet people face-to-face. It was hard work, but truthfully all very enjoyable.

What was the most memorable moment of the wedding day for you?


It rained and rained and it didn’t stop raining. Looking back, however, the rain made the day really special. It added to the stunning Irish landscape and it created an element of drama to all the images that were captured on the day - which of course we realise it’s only the result of Paul (Moathill Photography) and Michael’s (Story of Eve) genius. It was great fun walking out into the mountains in the middle of the rain while in our wedding attire.

What would you say to other couples thinking about hiring a cinematographer for their wedding? Why was it so important to you to invest in cinematography?

Originally, cinematography was not something that we considered but we looked into it because our families suggested that we should. However, as soon as we found Story of Eve, it changed our perception of what a wedding film can be. Looking through their work was enough to persuade us that we should have the day captured in a film of such quality.

Watching the short film for the first time after the wedding was incredibly touching, we re-lived the day. It’s right what people say, but there really is so much going on throughout the day and the film picks up so many small details that you would otherwise miss or even forget. You spend great energy planning the day, hiring a cinematographer is only doing justice to all the effort that goes into the wedding.