When Julie-Anna and Richard first contacted me about their wedding in Lanzarote, I was instantly on board! But before I get to that, there’s a different place to start this story…

Julie-Anna studied graphic design at college and was a naturally creative and gifted student - how do I know this? I know this because I was her graphic design lecturer for two years.

I met Richard a number of times throughout her studies at various exhibitions and open nights, so when they approached me a number of years later (after Julie-Anna had graduated and moved on and I had left behind my lecturing role), I was ecstatic they wanted to take me with them to Lanzarote to capture their intimate wedding celebrations with close family and friends.

Julie-Anna and Richard felt so strongly about having me there that they placed priority for video over photography, which is always an honour.

The evening before the wedding, we decided to explore the little streets and walkways of Lanzarote, catching the sunset in between times. I felt it was important for them to have some photographs they could frame from this adventure, as well as the family groups on the day of the wedding. While your wedding film is such an emotional time machine for capturing these moments, having photographs with your parents and grandparents are equally as important.

Enjoy Julie-Anna and Richard's story told through photos and film below.

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Intimate Elopement in Lanzarote  // Lanzarote Wedding Video

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